• ClientVantage enables your clinic to carry

    An eCommerce solution for veterinarians.

    Give your customers freedom

    Offer your clients more by putting your practice online today. Enjoy the benefits of an online presence all without having to hire a dedicated team or carry more inventory.

    No monthly fees

    ClientVantage is free to WDDC members.

    Ship to home, or not

    Our customizable shipping options can ship to your customers home, to your clinic, or both.

    Connect with customers

    Stay connected with your customers, create a blog post or newsletter to keep everybody up to date.

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    Create your own discounts

    From Black Friday sales to staff discounts to gift cards, promote your products your way.

    Highly Customizable

    ClientVantage is full of configurable features and options to meet your clinic's specific needs.

    Cloud Hosting

    All hosting for ClientVantage is done by WDDC, so you don't need to worry about extra fee's.

    We are 100% involved

    From starting up to advertising, we've got you covered. One of our members from the support team will send you a list of questions and our designer will put together a website that is perfect for your practice. You will receive a marketing package when you sign on to get your ClientVantage website set up.

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    Manage everything

    Use an administration dashboard to manage your orders, customers, products and content, anywhere you go. Gain the insights and knowledge you need to grow your practice.

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    Change the way you sell products. Forever.

    With ClientVantage you will get a customized theme and the ability to offer WDDC's entire catalogue to your clients.

    Demo our product
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    - Discover our themes -

    You have 25 professional themes to choose from.

    Click on the images below to view examples of each theme.

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    - First class support -

    We have a dedicated team of support staff ready to answer any and all questions you might have about ClientVantage.

    Get support

    Shipping Options

    Choose how you manage your orders.

    Managed through your clinic

    Your practice will be responsible for monitoring your order requests. You will fulfill them manually through your regular ordering process from WDDC. Once the product arrives at your clinic, items will need to be separated, and designated for pickup by your client.

    Auto-fulfill to your clinic

    The WDDC warehouse receives your order request and will proceed to pick, pack and ship the product in a separate box to your clinic. These client orders can take a few days to arrive at your clinic, as they are held and combined with your clinics regular order to WDDC.

    Auto-fulfill to your client

    The WDDC warehouse will receive the request once your client places an order. Those orders will be picked and shipped each morning at 8am (Monday through Friday). The items will be put into a separate box and shipped directly to your client overnight via Purolator.


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